Transformative Coaching

Inspiring you on your journey

During my lifetime I have encountered a series of profound challenges. Through these life changing events I have discovered a deep empathy and developed a diverse mix of coaching and therapy tools, to inspire my clients to step into the most glorious expression of their true selves.

My blend of humour and depth make my coaching abilities unique in both one-to-one and group sessions.

I offer a free initial consultation, so you can experience how I work.

I also offer group and bespoke coastal and london-based retreats.

Why transformative coaching?

A life without limits…

Most of us feel at some point in our life that we are stuck on a treadmill, or looking for change in our lives. Maybe something that we can’t even pin-point.

Conversely it may be that your life already feels great in most areas but that there is something specific that you would love to achieve that seems just out of your reach.

Working out where to start can feel a bit overwhelming. .

​Booking a complimentary session may be that first step to creating a life that you have dreamed of.

​…a life without limits.

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Is coaching right for me?

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Unhappy at work?

  • Does the work you are paid to do excite you?
  • Do you find yourself clock watching?
  • Are you counting down the hours until the end of your working week?
  • Do you enjoy your job but feel that there is little else in your life that excites you?
  • Have you always felt that there is something you would love to do?Something you are passionate about but can’t see it working… something that you have a talent for but maybe were told long ago that there was no chance of making money at it?
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Destined for happiness?

  • Do you see happiness as a destination for others but not a place you will ever reach?
  • Maybe happiness is a thing for others but not something you deserve?
  • Possibly you have an idea that good fortune is for the lucky ones… and that’s not you?
  • Maybe you are the eternal optimist, who sees that your life is going to get better, that you mustn’t complain or expect too much as that would just be ungrateful.
  • It could be that life just feels so much of a struggle right now…actually it has always been a struggle.
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Helping you on your journey

  • Maybe you have a feeling…a sense of purpose that you just can’t put your finger on.
  • Do you have a dream, a desire…but you just can’t work out how to make it a reality?
  • It could be you just have no idea… but realise that there must be more to life than this…

Let me help you…

Coaching with me

Discover what you love…

Our time together will be an exploration of what is possible when we remove the blocks of self-limiting beliefs. From the very beginning I will ensure that you feel totally at ease, and held in a space of non-judgmental and loving kindness.

In our conversations there will be a freedom to look at your life, to re evaluate and assess what you’d like to see more of and what no longer serves.

My greatest desire for you is that you discover what it is that you most love to do…the thing that you feel passionately about, that when you partake in it time just flies and you don’t want to stop… that thing that gives you a real buzz, your unique gift. And then, having discovered, or remembered what it is…to spend progressively more time doing it.

​To experience the love and abundance this creates, and the joy and success that living your dream brings along with the impact that the ripples of you living to purpose makes on the world. ​I would love for you to see how putting yourself first on occasion is possibly the most generous thing you could do. Yes! …I know, that concept felt weird to me too… but it truly can be.

I have a passion for authentic happiness that I would love to share with you…

Qualifications, training & studies

Practitioner & Presence Intelligence Coach

Pause Place

Coaching Living The Enneagram

​Dr Robert Holden & Russ Hudson

Happiness & The Ennegram

​Dr Robert Holden

Parenting & The Enneagram

Dr Robert Holden & Russ Hudson

Member of Spiritual Companions Trust

Found on the UK Register of Spiritual Caregivers

Spiritual Health Mentor

Practical Spitituality & Wellness Ofqual Accredited*, level 3 diploma

*Ofqual Register: Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness · Qual No: 601/8673/2 Sector Subject Area: Health and Social Care

Happiness Coach & Success Intelligence Coach

Dr Robert Holden

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Laughter Yoga International University

A Course In Miracles

Love & The Enneagram

Dr Robert Holden & Russ Hudson

Love & Fear Program

Dr Robert Holden, Liz Trubridge, Binnie A. Dansby & Hollie Holden

The Effect of the Placebo

School with Dr David Hamilton

Coaching retreats

Group retreats

Contact me if you would like to know about new dates as soon as they become available.

Bespoke 1-2-1 coastal retreats

Created and adapted for your individual requirements.

Bespoke 1-2-1 London retreats

Created and adapted for your individual requirements.


Kind words

​To have a safe and loving space where you can explore your life, laying it out to be witnessed without judgement can be a turning point in the creation of true happiness.

Emma is brilliantly qualified for this with the best training possible however as essential and necessary as this is there is something far more valuable that she brings to her work.

What Emma brings is her life experience which has created in her a deep compassion built out of the struggles and challenges of years. Those who themselves have suffered, survived and come to a path of loving kindness bring something that no training can teach. Emma holds her wisdom lightly and gently.

I have great pleasure in recommending her to you and know you will find in her presence many benefits including comfort, movement and meaning along with the opportunity of change which reflects your genuine path of happiness.

Robert Lewis

Artist, Hypnotherapist & Transformative Coach, The Lewis Clinic

Dearest Emma you have walked me along those beaches in every season, brought me under the wide Norfolk skies, to rainbows, to the sound of the surf, to the heart shaped stones, thrown into the waves, blessed with your love for me. I couldn’t be there myself, and in one of the hardest years of my life, you brought me with you hour upon hour, lovingly seeing my heart, my being, and inspiring me; balm to my soul; muse. I am so grateful. It is a joy to have shared this adventure with you, and with so much laughter; to see your loving imprint in what you have created on your way. It shines.☀💙👣👣

Jane Henfrey

Inspirational Teacher, Writer & Speaker

Emma Wilkinson (Mummy) is a fabulous life coach. She’s really good and she likes people to come to her. I’d recommend her she’s the best. One day she’ll be famous for her bestness. She believes everyone is lovely. I love her. You’d be foolish to not go to one of her courses. She went to Pause Place too. Go to Emma Wilkinson I’m sure you will love her.


My Daughter

I’ve witnessed Emma use coaching to release her own inner blocks, express her creativity, and follow her joy.

​I appreciate how Emma gives herself 100 percent to what she loves. I love her wholeheartedness, her quick mind, and her sunshine energy. She is an inspiration to be with.

Robert Holden

Author of Shift Happens! & Authentic Success

Being in a room with Emma is a beautiful experience. She radiates love and attention and warmth. Do what you can to work with this woman. She is more than just a little bit magic.
Kirsty Hanly

Coach, Cognitive Hypnotherapist Trainer and Speaker

​I invite you to walk barefoot in conversation with Emma Wilkinson. Enjoy the embrace of her presence. Emma works from the heart, and when she creates a space for you to pause, to breathe, and find your footing, your heart begins to unfold. Your shoulders drop. New horizons appear. And in that space everything is possible.
Lisa Wood Pg Cert (Clin Hyp)

Therapist and Coach

Emma Wilkinson is an amazing coach. She creates a safe space for people to open up and have amazing, transformational discoveries. She is loving, compassionate, funny and life changing. You cannot be in the space she creates and not come out changed.
Stephen Woolston


Emma brings creativity, freedom and love into this world. If you are looking for someone to support you in living a fully authentic and vibrant life, please contact Emma. She will walk along side you; listening, sharing and guiding you towards your own true nature. I can recommend coaching with Emma with my whole heart; give yourself this gift.
Katie Abbott CHYP HPD (Lic)

Therapist and Coach Founder , Pause Place

Emma Wilkinson has access to the most important ingredient in being able to be of use to any person.
She loves them without condition.
The place that she comes from in her communication holds people in loving-kindness and knows that they have within themselves access to the solution to any challenge.

Take a walk with Emma, anywhere, by the ocean if you are able and you will feel the force of life and of wellbeing rising within yourself!

Bill Cumming

Director, Pause Place & Boothby Institute

Emma’s brilliance of light shines bright for everyone she meets. She has a wonderful exuberance for life that is energising and loving, and manages to combine that with a deep compassion for humanity and an ability to connect and listen to people, a rare combination that helps make the world a more loving and fun place. It’s been a privilege to witness her show and share her heart and bring hope, optimism and love into the lives of others.
Phil Goddard

Life Coach & Founder, Coaching Life

Are you ready to take that first step?

I offer a complimentary consultation so that you can see how I work. ​Be prepared for some transformation in your life, and for the possibility of a little fun and laughter at some point too.